OPPO AR Glass with 3D surround sound and AR detection will Launch soon

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Oppo will hold a new meeting on November 17. This meeting will be about the Oppo Future Technology Conference and will be at Shenzhen. During this giant conference technological giants will show their various discoveries. They also express their thoughts as well as various results on future technology. However, it was expected that the company will show its FDF full dimensional portrait video on technology system. Along with this it will also cast it’s full link color management system and a three concept products. Although, we have seen the the development of Oppo in terms of the technology in its variety devices. This time Oppo has teased a new gen AR Glass. This will launch on November 17. There are various features which the teaser poster has revealed.


OPPO AR Glass features

  1. AR Glass will offer amazing wearing experience. As they are very comfortable.
  2. This device will be lightweight
  3. It has two corners for the two lenses
  4. Among these two camera one is used for AR detection
  5. It will be equipped with depth sensor
  6. It has spatial MIC arrays
  7. This device will be using diffractive optical waveguide technology
  8. It also supports voice interaction
  9. This device also uses 3D surround sound
  10. It has a microphone as well as physical buttons
  11. This device could be operated by gestures and voice both

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We have seen that the first generation AR Glass had four lenses. These have ToF lens which was used for the distance measurement. Also it was equipped with the RGB lens which is used for shooting objects shape. There were also two fisheye lenses which were used for imaging. However, with the second generation of AR Glasses might not have the exact specifications as the first one. There will be some more addition to that or might happen that some of the Specifications were low as compared to the first generation. It was also observed that the Oppo founder and CEO have revealed about the further investments in the R&D department of the company. They will invest around 50 billion Yuan in this R&D department. This will focus on the cutting edge technologies. It will also focus on the 5G and 6G connectivity as well will add some more to the devices.


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