Nokia Wireless Earphones P3802A

Nokia Reveals Pro True Wireless Earphones P3802A TWS earphones, Specs And Features

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In 2020 the Nokia which is renowned company for its amazing product has made a deal with Chinese company. This company is RichGo with which Nokia has made the deal. Now as a apart of this project the company is launching its new product. This new product is Nokia branded Earphones in the market. It is names as Nokia Pro True Wireless Earphones or Nokia P3802A. The users of the Nokia devices and other could buy this device for Yuan 499 which is roughly for $75. This device is almost similar to the original product. But the difference is just it has support for Active Noise Cancellation.

Features of Nokia Pro True Wireless Earphones

  1. This device has 6 microphone system. This microphone system helps in enhancing the voice. It eliminates the background noise
  2. This device helps in listening to a longer time which is with 32 hours of talk or listening time.
  3. This device has powerful dynamic driver.
  4. You can Listen even the subtle detail of the music
  5. You can easily concentrate on the task
  6. You can even take the important calls despite being in the very noisy place
  7. It has amazing voice quality
  8. It has 12.5 mm dynamic driver. This gives you the detailed sound
  9. This device is hands free
  10. It is water resistant. You wear it in all weathers

Nokia Wireless Earphones P3802ASpecifications of Nokia Pro True Wireless Earphones

  1. It has 20 Hz to 20 KHz frequency response
  2. It has dynamic transducer principle
  3. The transducer size is 12.5 mm
  4. The sound pressure level is 100dB
  5. It is impedance of 32
  6. It has built in Lithium rechargable batteries
  7. The charging case is of 720mAh
  8. The earphone take approx 2 hours in charging and the charging case takes around 2 hours in charging
  9. The Earbuds weights for 7 grams and the case weights for 57 grams
  10. It gives you the volume control option
  11. It supports Bluetooth version of 5.1
  12. It has 10mW maximum output power
  13. This device is available in black and blue color

Thus, by viewing the specifications the users will love to use such an amazing device. And for the Chinese users this is amazing gadget which they can use. It offers amazing specifications to the users.



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