NCIS Season 18 – Mark Harmon – Will It Be Remarked As One Of The Best Season For Him?

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The past two seasons of NCIS have been signified as good seasons for Mark Harmon. Eventually, we have observed Gibbs in his character who understands more the value of opening up to the people and will be experiencing a different kind of friendship. In the past seasons, he has a bond now with McGee and has built something with Sloane. Interestingly, the upcoming season will be going to spread some romantic vibes.

NCIS Season 18

Will NCIS season 18 be one of the best For Mark Harmon

In the early days of next season 18, Gibbs will be going to spend some time with Fornell. Although, they had worked earlier to resolve some of the events introduced in the early season 16 finale “Daughters”. Two men, Gibbs and Fornell, have both a rich professional background and journey and they both have an understanding of loss and tragedy. They are emotionally able to understand each other.

According to the sources, Maria Bello is going to leave this season. As mentioned by the sources, we will have some great scenes to look upon between Gibbs and Sloane. This season for Harmon will be like a chance to explore a different side of being a performer. Afterward, the entire team is looking to remark this season 18 of NCIS one of the best seasons.

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NCIS Season 18 Cast

One of the core team members, Wilmer Valderrama’s shared a snap of the star cast table on his Instagram handle. Gibbs will be going to play a lead role in the season. The table of the main cast includes Sean Murray, Diona Reasonover, Rocky Carroll, and the most important character Mark Harmon.

As reported previously, Gibb will be going lead himself to be more clear about his role and his emotions. Monreal disclosed Gibbs’s character saying that he is going to take some risks that he never went for in the upcoming season of NCIS.

NCIS Season 18 Release Date

Just like the other projects of the television world, NCIS’s upcoming season gets delayed due to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic. But recently, releasing date has been shared for NCIS Season 18. CBS has announced for NCIS that the next Season 18 will be going to release on November 17. Till then, stay tuned with us for more updates


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