MI Smart Door Lock

MI Smart Door Lock Pro Finally in Market with a wide-angle camera and doorbell

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Xiaomi’s MIJIA has launched a new door lock Pro product. This product helps to lock the door in a smart way. It also helps in integrating the cat’s eye doorbell. It is also equipped with a smart wide angle camera. This door lock Pro will surely help to keep a security check at your home. It is a complete package of security. It keeps the comprehensive security of whosoever make an entrance at your home. This is a perfect home kit that gives a high level of security to your home. You can now be free mind when you leave your home. Even if a kid is at home alone this seems to be an amazing gadget for security.

MI Smart Door Lock

MI Smart Door Lock Features

Xiaomi is becoming a perfectionist in every field. And now when it comes to security this company has launched an amazing gadget that gives complete protection at your home. Some of the specifications of Xiaomi’s MIJIA Smart Door Lock Pro are:-

  1. The camera has a cat’s eye doorbell.
  2. It is equipped with a wide-angle camera
  3.  The camera system is of high resolution which is 1080P.
  4. The camera has an ultra-wide-angle of 161°
  5. This ultra-wide-angle camera helps in detecting whosoever is standing at the door.
  6. This door lock also has an alert system
  7. It also supports video recording.
  8. Also, an intercom system, which enables two-way communication.
  9. Not only this it also has a 5000 mAh removable battery. It also has 4 AA batteries.
  10. This battery life allows the users to charge the door lock within 3 to 4 months.
  11. It could be able to last for months just in a single charge.
  12. It has a straight plug C level lock cylinder.
  13. This lock cylinder has a lock body.
  14. It also gives security to that extent even when the panel is damaged no one can open the door directly through the cylinder hole.
  15. It has a total of 7 unlocking methods. This includes a key, fingerprint, password, remote password, Bluetooth, NFC, and even supports Apple Homekit.

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MI Smart Door Lock Essential

You could be able to get this product by November 12. This is something a full package of security for the users.


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