Mi Desktop Water Dispenser

Mi Desktop Water Dispenser – Affordable water purifier, 6 stage deep filtration

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Xiaomi has launched the Mi Desktop Water Dispenser. Xiaomi is the Chinese most growing brand. This water dispenser costs for ¥ 1499 which we can roughly estimate for $225, whereas the crowdfunding price is Yuan 1299 which we can roughly estimate as $195. This new gadget has so many features for the users. Also, it is compatible. This water dispenser has a cool minimalist design.

Mi Desktop Water Dispenser

Mi Desktop Water Dispenser  Specs

  1. This machine gives instant hot drinking products.
  2. It also has water purification capabilities.
  3. It does not require too much installation.
  4. It also features professional reverse osmosis (RO) filtration.
  5. The way of filtration is just like as of the Xiaomi water purifier.
  6. For the filtration process, it involves 6 stage deep filtration. The users can directly consume filtered water.
  7. The design of the gadget is equipped with OLED screen. This displays the real-time information. This information includes water mode, water temperature, water volume, filter element life, working status, water change reminder and many more.
  8. This device could filter the water upto the capacity of 2000 litres.
  9. The power of the device rates for 2100W.
  10. It requires just 3 seconds for rapid heating.
  11. It also gives 1°C water temperature accuracy.
  12. The device’s water tank is of 5 litres.
  13. It also supports the connection to the MIJIA application.
  14. You can also customize the settings with the help of this app.
  15. When you push the button you can use the customized water outlet mode. This can be synchronized with the machine with that push-button easily.

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This water dispenser gives so many facilities and options for the users. They could easily use this device. Also it does not require too much installation so this is beneficial for those people who want to save their time in preparing the hot drinks. The RO features gives the users tremendous benefits. Also it provides the nutrients which are required by the body. This RO feature is commendable for the water dispenser. It is a mid-range dispenser which allows the users to purchase it easily. The water capacity of the tank is also awesome. It could contain 5 liters which might be enough for a single person. This device is amazing.


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