Fri. Sep 17th, 2021
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LG aka Lucky Goldstar is a South Korean Multinational Corporation. LG makes chemicals, telecommunications products, and electronic devices. It was formed by the merger of two different companies “Lucky” and “Goldstar” in 1983.

LG rollable phone Patent, Trademarked “LG Rollable” with EUIPO

LG has flooded the local and international markets with its products. Recently it has been working on rollable displays. The tech giant has already introduced Televisions with rollable displays and now it’s trying to make it work for its smartphones. The South Korean MNC has trademarked “LG Rollable” with European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for its experimental phone. Trademarking doesn’t mean that the company would go for this name in particular, but they are trying to safeguard the term and prevent its use by other brands. Also, the patent for this new technology was signed by LG with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, last year in August.

LG rollable phone

LG wing of Explorer Project

There is a part of the company that is fully dedicated to these innovations. LG’s Explorer Project has an “LG wing” that designs new technologies and one of them has made it to the list of new launches. There is a probability that LG rollable is also a part of this project. LG will be soon launching a smartphone with a display that rolls. The rollable display is flexible and will extend from either side. It can be rolled into its casing as well. As per the company, the design of rollable displays is easier than foldable screens.

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The trademark that LG registered with EUIPO, also has a brief description of the product which mentions that the device might also have a stylus pen support. It’s said that the device will have a simple and direct branding.

LG rollable phone Launch Date

The expected release date is not yet official, but it’s speculated to hit the markets by the first quarter of next year. There is still nothing clear about the Specifications and features of the device. The company hasn’t made any statement about the exact design of the product.

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