Kinera Mount Nanna IEMs to be Launch Soon with neutral sound signature

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Kinera was established in 2010. This company deals with electronic products. It also develops some high technology products in the market. This time the company is about to launch the Mount Nanna IEMs on November 6. The company got the inspiration from the wife of God Baldr, also the Goddess of moon and wisdom. This is according to Norse Mythology. This new launch is just the existing product of the company. They had released this product last year. This difference in this new product is that the color of the new gadget is different from the previous one. The specifications are much more similar to the existing product. This new Mount Nanna will cost $899. It is also believed that when the gadget will launch in the market it will go on sale for the customers to buy such an amazing device.

Kinera Mount Nanna

Specifications of Mount Nanna

  1. This new device has a mountain blue tone. If we talk about the color contrast then it is similar to a bright mountain sky.
  2. The design of the gadget is much more similar.
  3. This has the shades of brown, red, blue on the faceplates
  4. It gives the users a four-driver hybrid Setup.
  5. It has the neutral sound signature
  6. This device gives a soothing effect in terms of sound. You could watch movies and listen to songs for longer times.
  7. It also ensures that there are natural mids and smooth treble response.
  8. It also gives the smooth instrumental details
  9. The device also has good extensions at both the lower as well as the higher ends
  10. This device is equipped with pure copper braided wire.
  11. This wire helps in the smooth functioning and perfect sound for the listeners.
  12. This is wire is of 0.78 mm and 2 pin connector type.
  13. This also terminates at a 3.5 mm plug

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This device is amazing. If we consider the specifications also this gives perfect sound. It also gives high sound quality. When it comes to looks the device is perfect. The looks amazing and it also fits well. These are mid-range earphones. Earlier the users must have used the earpiece which has released last year. This might be the reason that these are also amazing.


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