iPhone 12 accessories, Anker announced Doraemon themed iphone charger and Other Accessories

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Anker has launched the charging accessories for iPhone 12. The accessories are based on the Doraemon theme. It is observed that the sale of these accessories will go pre-sale on November 4 that is Wednesday. This will be available in China for now. You can find that the accesories list includes three charging bricks, two USB cables, and a Wireless Charging Adapter. This could be available on the official Weibo. For the lovers of Doraemon, this seems to be exciting news. They could now grab this limited edition offer. Due to Apple’s decision to not providing Charging accessories. This has created a lot of opportunities for other companies to bring charging accesories into the market.

iPhone 12 accessories

iphone charger and accesories specs

  1. The power bricks output is 20W.
  2. These power bricks can charge an iPhone 12 or iPhone Pro. It could charge from 0% to 50% Within just half an hour.
  3. This is mid-size charger goes up to 65W.
  4. This charger could also be useful in charging the laptop as well.
  5. It could charge the MacBook Pro in just 2 hours.
  6. It has two ports. This will helps in the charging of two devices simultaneously. You can Charger a tablet or a mobile phone together.
  7. It has two cables. The USB-C to Lighting is generally for the iPhones and USB-C to USB-C for the iPads and MacBooks.
  8. These are durable devices. This helps you to use such devices anytime and anywhere. They can be bent up to 12,000 times.
  9. It also gives you the wire-free MagSafe adapter. This supports up to 15W for the iPhones stands Qi wireless charging for the older devices.
  10. The adapter is made up of Aluminium alloy. This quality of the adapter helps to dissipate heat. Although it is a little thin this quality of the material helps in smooth functioning.
  11. If you are using MagSafe then it will take to charge from 0% to 50% in an hour.

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Not only the Doraemon theme but if you want to buy them without this theme they are also available. These accesories are also compatible with non-Apple devices. It helps in the quick charging of the devices. This seems to be an amazing theme for Doraemon fans.


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