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Smart Choice Camera
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Lately, the Chinese multinational technology company, Huawei has officially announced its new creation under the surveillance category, acknowledging that the Smart choice Camera Pro is currently available in China.

Huawei Smart Choice Camera Pro specs

Huawei released surveillance- Huawei Smart Choice Camera Pro that can be installed in children’s rooms, to track the movement and activities of their children. The camera is the first to support the Brand propriety Hongmeng OS and also helps to back up one-click video calls and NFC tags which enhance one-touch fast network distribution.

When it comes to security, the HiLink SDK of Huawei smart camera pro has obtained the highest security certification in the IoT field, which can ensure the camera clarity and prevent any disturbances. According to the release, the camera can capture around 360 degrees, which can be optimized in a limited space in the storage with up to 2k.

As the product has received high-security certification from the IoT area, these devices offer greater protection against intrusions and ensure consumer privacy at home.

Huawei smart camera pro release date

Huawei released surveillance for the children’s room with the Hongmeng OS.

On 5th November 2020, Huawei held a meeting regarding the launch of its new product- which is present in china under the name of ‘Huawei Smart Choice Camera Pro series’ with Hongmeng Operating System; that was Huawei’s self-developed operating system which also has wide speculation on Android.

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Huawei smart choice camera pro features

The Huawei Smart Choice Camera Pro has launched two versions of surveillance, where one carries 32GB and the other one has the storage of 64GB so according to the storage capacity prices are determined in the market. The device also offers a 5x longer service life and 10 times faster speed which has been compared to a common microSD card. The product is eco friendly that protects and secures the customer’s privacy, the device costs at a reasonable price which starts from 45 dollars to 60 dollars.

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