Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
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Honor has dispatched four new items under the Supportive of determination series(Global name: HONOR Decision) in China. These items appeared close by the Band 6, new Shades of Watch GS Star. Furthermore, they incorporate two electric Shavers, an astute Voice Vehicle holder, and an Enemy of the bacterial humidifier.

Honor’s posted the subtleties, and cost of its new Brilliant Life items on Weibo. For the unaware, Supportive of determination series(CHOICE) is an arrangement of HONOR savvy life items, co-created by HONOR, and a select gathering of industry-driving producers.


Honor Supportive of selection items – Value, Accessibility

The Electric Shavers and Humidifier will be available for anyone on November 4 at 0:00 China time on V mall(Huawei, Honor Shopping center), and T mall. Be that as it may, the Vehicle Holder is up for pre-request at present.

  1. Snappy Speed ​​Net Electric Shaver-269 yuan($40).
  2. Travel Convenient Electric Shaver-129 yuan($19.31)
  3. Vehicle Holder(voice variant)- 199 yuan($29.80); Standard form: 129 yuan($19.31)
  4. Antibacterial Mist free Humidifier-499 yuan($75)

Favorable to selection MSN Electric and Compact Shavers

Leading is a Fast Speed Net Electric Shaver which is in a joint effort with MSN. It includes a group of three sharp edges with a twofold ring net plan. It additionally has a drifting blade net, a skimming safe place, and a multi-directional gliding blade head for smooth shaving. Spec-wise, there are 15 arrangements of sharp edges with a blend of 135 teeth. The engine inside is a brushless engine with a Force or Honor says the new shaver has half more shaving proficiency than others.

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Next up is a Movement Convenient Electric Shaver. Saying something exactly at 113 grams, Honor says it is extremely conservative and convenient to haul around. At the top, there is around work with cutting edges that assist you with getting a smooth shave. This electric shaver likewise has an IPX5 rating to secure against water sprinkles. Honor says a solitary energize will offer you 45 days of battery life. The shaver likewise has a little USB-C port for charging which is universal nowadays.

Supportive of selection(CHOICE) x DDPAI astute Voice Vehicle Holder

Close by the shavers, Honour likewise revealed another Smart Voice Vehicle Holder in an organization with DDPAI. The feature is voice control through artificial intelligence and it underpins both Android and iOS stages. IT is fundamentally a cell phone holder, that can be controlled by means of voice, and charge the gadget remotely also.

There is a light pointer at the base. The base of the holder likewise has an enlistment electric clasp arm, with a twofold section reasonable for all models. Furthermore, the holder likewise includes a three-stage customizable base and shaft for a solid grasp. Honor says the holder upholds 15W Remote charging and the gadget can be accused even of a case.

Favorable to selection(CHOICE) x SICPO Against bacterial Haze free Humidifier

At last, we have the Counter bacterial Mist free humidifier. Honor says the item receives a mist free evaporative humidification measure. It has a 3Litre huge Water tank. This when filled totally, can push it to moistness the space for around 12 hours at 400ml every hour.

Obviously, it has an enemy of the bacterial plan inside with a channel that causes it to punch unadulterated oxygen with dampness into the room. There are two methods of wind current warm, and air as indicated by conditions. Honor says the item can transform your room into a Woods with Wet oxygen gracefully for the duration of the day.

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