DxOMark Speaker, This device has scored for the 120 points, Harman Kardon Citation and Amazon Echo Studio are in Race

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DxOMark has now been testing for the wireless speakers. This testing was announced by the company a few days ago. Such a testing is called DxOMark Speakers. The company has also released various features of these speakers. The review and the rankings of the speakers have also been announced. Also the viewers could see that the results are amazing and interesting. And with these results and ratings we can see that Harman Kardon Citation and Amazon Echo Studio stood in the advanced and essential category respectively.

DxOMark Speaker

DxOMark Speaker Price

The DxOMark has kept the two speakers into two categories. One of the category is Advanced and other is Essential. Those speakers who are priced under the €200 are characterized in the Essential category. Those speakers who are priced in between the €200 and €499 are characterized under the Advanced category. Also there are some speakers which are not launched in the Europe then their prices are converted into the Euros.

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Essential Speaker

  1. In this category of the Essential Speaker the Amazon Echo Studio ranked in the top list. This device has scored for the 120 points.
  2. Also the Xiaomi’s device named as Mi XiaoAI Speaker HD has scored for the 109. This Xiaomi’s HD ranked as the second position in the list
  3. The Xiaomi Xiao AI Speaker Battery Edition has scored 104 points. It stood in the third position of the category.
  4. Russia’s own giant Yandex scored the 98 points
  5. Tmall X5 has scored 92 points
  6. Baidu Xiaodu Smart Speaker Ultimate Edition has scored 48 points

Not only this there were some Apple devices that are not categorized in these areas of the ranking.

Advanced Speakers

  1. In this Advanced Speaker category, Harman Kardon Citation 200 has scored 147 points. It stood first in the list
  2. The second one was Google Home Max which has scored 145 points.
  3. The Bose Home Speaker 500 stood third in the list with a score of 130 points
  4. Sonos One scored 129 points
  5. Huawei Sound X scored 126 points
  6. Apple’s Home Pod scored for 113 points

This was the ratings and reviews of the models of the mobile phones. These scores are based on the five sub scores. These scores includes Timbre, Dynamics, Spatial, Volume, Artifacts. On the basis of this the overall grades scored by the speakers.


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