Dell Fast Charger GAN, Gallium Nitride has been Launched, First ever 90W USB C PD 3.0 Charger

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Dell has launched a 90W GaN charger. This new gadget is launched by the company in China. This gadget seems very similar to the Lenovo which has 65W charger. This Dell’s charger is available for Yuan 739 which is $110.44. it is available on the Dell’s Chinese website. This is very compatible. You can use it easily. As compared to other charging devices it is less bulky. Even it gives more power as compared to the other devices which are bulkier and provide less charging. This is the first time that company has launched such a charging device.

Dell Fast Charger GAN

Dell GaN charger Features

  1. This Charger has APFC boost circuit. APFC stands for Active Power Factor Correction.
  2. It also has the various voltage techniques.
  3. It has copper heat sinks. This helps in protecting from overheating.
  4. It has Nano micro Semiconductor NV6117 GaN power chip. This power chip later helps in the APFC boost and switching techniques.
  5. It has 20m ohm resistance. This helps in providing the proper and systematic flow of current.
  6. The semiconductor GaN IC can withstand 650V.
  7. This semiconductor is highly efficient.
  8. It even has less heat dissipation.
  9. It has high current conduction at a smaller firm. In comparison to the conventional silicon, this conduction is better.
  10. This gives the power supply up to 90W. This high power supply helps in charging the Laptops upto 90W and also a mobile phone which is up to 10W that too simultaneously.
  11. It gives high charging facility like you can change a 35% laptop within 15 minutes and almost 80% in just 1 hour.

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Dell Fast charger Specs

  1. This GaN charger has a power delivery charging feature.
  2. It is equipped with USB-C PD 3.0 standard.
  3. It also has USB-A (10W)
  4. Its design is a semi-circular arc.
  5. It measures about 21.89 mm thick
  6. The charging brick weighs around 375g
  7. On the other end of this device, it has a plum plug and on one end it has USB ports.
  8. The USB-C port has specifications for 90W, 45W, 18W, 15W which is (20V,4.5A), (15V,3A), (9V,3A), (5V,3A) respectively
  9. The USB-A port has features of 10W which are 5V and 2A

This Charger is fascinating. The main advantage is that it is handy.


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