Wed. Jan 26th, 2022
Cardi B
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Rapper Cardi B has offered her hearty apology after being called out for her Hindu inspired footwear which was deemed “culturally inappropriate” by a majority of Hindu fans. Cardi was criticised across various social media platforms for trying to portray a Hindu goddess Durga, in a promotional campaign that was launched on behalf of her new collaboration with the American brand Reebok. Defined and worshipped as the goddess of war, strength and protection, Durg is traditionally depicted as having numerous arms holding a specific culture-related object- which is a dominant detail and feature in Cardi B’s latest shoot.

Cardi B
Cardi B

Fans Who Were Offended and Who Defended The Rapper

 In the photoshoot of the Grammy winner, she had manoeuvred her arms into eight different positions that were stretched out on her sides to cross over her head. Many upset fans explained in detail on why Cardi’s latest photo shoot was offensive in lengthy twitter threads. They claimed what Cardi did was cultural appropriation, in which she holds a shoe in her picture. In Hinduism, wearing shoes near idols of gods int temples is considered disrespectful so Cardi B was completely oblivious, but she “thinks she is some super amazing person for this.” They also mocked her for even daring to think that she had any similar qualities to that of goddess Durga. However, others defended the star, saying that there really was nothing offensive about the post, being a Hindu themselves. Though the majority of netizens weren’t affected by her picture, there still were a handful who were greatly offended by her actions.

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Apologised on Instagram Immediately After The Rise of The Issue

The rapper was responding after a minority of hurt and outraged social media users had called her out for using their religion as a promotional tool just to sell a new brand of footwear. On Tuesday, the 28-year-old star had taken to Instagram to address the controversy and had appeared to be unusually flustered as she apologised and admitted to have done her research before getting involved in any activity. She assumed that since the shoot director told her that she’d have to represent a goddess of felinity, strength and liberation, she thought it was dope as she loved it, and explained that offending, disrespecting or mocking any culture or religion was solely not her intent. She gave her heartfelt apologies and stated that since she cannot change the past, she will be more careful in the future.

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