BOE 55-inch active Quantum display

BOE launched a 55-inch 4K active Quantum Dot display, Features

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BOE technology is the Chinese display maker company. This company has achieved a new target in the filed of LCD. It has launched a 55 inch 4K active matrix Quantum Dot light emitting diode AMOLED display. This device has the Dot technology which is amazing in the LCD. The company has adopted this technology in its new design. The company is the leading producer of the innovation and the development of TFT LCD technologies. This company deals in wide variety of products such as tablets, PCs, laptops, display, televisions, Video Wall, Electronic Shelf Label, Interactive White Board, Digital Signage, Smart wearable, Automotive Display, Smart home, Smart payment and many more. Now the new device which is launched by the company will have high contrast ratio and it also features the less power consumption. This device has the more flexible features because of the technology which is used by the company.

BOE 55-inch active Quantum displayFeatures of Quantum Dot television

  1. This device has more enhanced colors
  2. These AMOLED displays do not need much of backlight
  3. Along with this Quantum Dot helps in emitting light by injecting the current.
  4. It is self luminescence
  5. It offers wide color gamut
  6. It has a long life
  7. This LCD TV has backlight system has LEDs mounted at the edge of the screen or immediately behind it.
  8. The light passed through the second polarized filter.
  9. This light passes through the layer of red, blue, and green and even the yellow color

This new device launched by the company has all these features of AMOLED. It adopts the electroluminescent Quantum Dot technology. This device has a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels. The color gamut is upto 119% NTS. The contrast ratio is of 1000000:1 which is amazing and considered very broad in the filed of large size displays. These kind of devices are more thinner and slimmer than the other LCD devices. The contract colors and other visual features of the device provide less harm to the eyes of the viewers. These even has wide viewing angle. It even gives the fast response to the users. It even has the refresh rate of 120 Hz. The users will surely love this amazing device.

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