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Billboard Travis Scott deactivated INSTA account – Here is The Real reason

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Travis Scott looks to have a quiet break from social media. Accordingly, he had deactivated his account from the Instagram handle. His fans express their views and opinions and stated that might the rapper wants to take a break from Instagram. However, his fans are waiting for his comeback on Instagram.

Travis Scott deactivated his Insta account for a break

One of the famous rappers, Billboard Travis Scott, deactivated his account yesterday from Instagram handle without giving any warning or information to his fans on Sunday, November 1. According to the reports, he had his last seen over the post on Instagram media on Halloween. Eventually, he posted some of his photos on his Instagram account wearing the attire of the Batman.

Travis Scott

Travis Scott has dropped none of the explanations about the reasons for leaving Instagram. As his Twitter account seemed active by Sunday night but he hasn’t even tweeted anything informing such a decision of him this weekend.

Scott dropped his latest single, “Franchise,” in September, and it debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 100.

Real Reason Why Travis Scott Deleted His Instagram Account

The original name of Travis Scott is Jacques Berman Webster II. He is professionally known as Billboard Travis Scott in the music world. Travis Scott is an American rapper born on April 30, 1991. Along with the rapper, he is a good singer, a songwriter, and we’ll known record producer. Travis Scott introduced his unique musical style which later has been described as an amazing fusion of traditional hip hop, including lo-fi and ambient.

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Rapper of Unique Music Style

Billboard Travis Scott makes out a massive use of manipulated audio effects including Auto-Tune, some of the phasings, a few delays, and chorus with stereo-sculpture and harmony structures. According to Scott, he predominantly impressed by producers Mike Dean and Alex Tumay and admired these personalities. The musical style of Travis Scott’s musical style has been defined with the expression “blend between traditional hip-hop and lo-fi”. His music style characterized as “ambient”. Once Vulture mentioned about Billboard Travis Scott saying that his voice sounds unremittingly dark, melodious, quite syncretic, hi-res, and moreover natural.


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