Stephen Amell

Actor Stephen Amell injured his back while performing a stunt on the set of Heels, currently recovering at home

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In an unfortunate incident, Arrow actor Stephen Amell injured his back while performing a stunt on the set of Heels last week. Currently, he is recovering effectively at home post medical evaluation. According to a source, he is eagerly waiting to get back to work as he had already been away for a long time. Amell’s small accident did not throw the production of Heels off course, and it is still running smoothly. 

Stephen Amell

The incident in detail

Stephen Amell recently got back to work after he tested negative for the coronavirus. After a thorough rehearsal, he performed a risky stunt on the set of Heels in the presence of the medical crew and stunt professionals. However, even after several rehearsals, he, unfortunately, injured his back during the take and was quickly examined by the on-set medic. Once again, Amell was advised to stay home and recover. The back injury came in almost within two weeks of his recovery from the COVID-19 infection. Amell seems to be having a hard time staying healthy!

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About Heels

Heels are set in a small Georgia community. The plot is based on the rivalry between two brothers over their father’s wealth. Both of them are wrestlers, making the war between them more real than ever. The first season of the show is still in production. The release date is unknown. Even though Amell’s injury did not affect production, the release date will surely be pushed further ahead due to other inconveniences.

Stephen Amell’s contribution to the entertainment industry

Stephen Amell has been a part of many American web-series. Before Heels, he portrayed DC’s Green Arrow for eight seasons. He kickstarted the Arrowverse, which also consists of Grant Gustin’s Flash and Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl. Amell received global fame and fan-following because of his participation in this franchise. 

Amell has worked in many other shows as well. Some of them are ABC’s Private Practice, HBO’s Hung, and the CW’s The Vampire Diaries. As of 2020, Amell has an estimated net worth of $7 million. Most of his earnings come from Arrow, which, as mentioned earlier, was his big-break show. 


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