Wed. Jan 26th, 2022
Latarius Howard
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There have been reports from Arkansas, where a police officer was shot in the middle of the night. There were gun shots heard on Thursday night in the parking area of the motel. Arkansas is a state in United States, and is inhabited by more than a million people.

Latarius Howard
Latarius Howard

What happened at 7 o’ clock that caused the death of Arkansas Officer

Some officers from Helena-West Helena Police Department were sent for investigation of tip at Delta Inn. They were out to carry out their duty when a strange gunman seated in his car pointed his gun at them. It was around 7 p.m. when the suspect starting firing shots at the police officer. Turns out suspect is named as “Latarius Howard”. He is also famous as L.T. Truitt. as per Chief Smith. Howard is 29 years old who has already been under a scanner for carrying out similar practices in the past. According to the reports Latarius Howard was seen lurking in the area in his maroon SUV. However, one police officer was severely injured and consequently was rushed to the hospital “Helena Regional Medical Center” but couldn’t hold on and passed away.

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Similar incidents keep happening in hotels of Arkansas

There has been a similar attack on a police officer at a Hotel in Arkansas. Lt. Ralph Isaac and Detective Kevin Collins were shot on Monday afternoon at Econo Lodge motel on Black Street. The incident led to death of Kevin Collins and caused some injuries to Ralph Isaac. The suspects were later taken to Arkansas Police Station for investigation.

Where is L.T.Truitt currently?

Latarius Howard couldn’t be caught red handed. Right now he is on the run and the police department is trying to catch him.

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