ZMI launched 20W USB-C charging adapter compatible with the iPhone 12, Xiaomi Mi 10 and Huawei Mate 30

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We all know about the Apple controversy of removing the charger from the iPhone 12 retail box in context of conserving the environment. However, this seems something odd. But this decision has created more opportunities in the market. There are numerous consumer got involved in this new charging controversy. And now Xiaomi’s ecological chain company ZMI took this advantage to grab the opportunity. They launched a power delievery (PD) adapter for iPhone 12.



  1. This adapter has USB-C fast charger 20W.
  2. It is also compatible with PD 3.0/ QC 3.0/ FCP fast charging protocol.
  3. It also provides 20W fast charging for iPhone 12, Xiaomi Mi 10 and Huawei Mate 30 series.
  4. It is also lighter than an Apple adapter. This ZMI charger just weighs 42.8 grams
  5. This charger is very much easy to put into a backpack for travel.
  6. It also supports 100-240V voltage range
  7. It also covers most area of the world’s city network voltage standard range.
  8. This chip solution is used to intelligently identify and match the current of the connected device to protect the battery from the damage.

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Comparison with Apple Charger

This new Xiaomi ZMI adaptable charger is cheaper than the Apple’s charger. For Apple Charger it costs up to 149 Yuan which is $21 and this ZMI charger just costs for Yuan 39. It seems that ZMI charger is very much cheaper than the Apple’s charger. So this is clear indication that some users will buy the third party brand charging heads. Although the gesture was even extended to the older models like the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE 2020. And this new decision for the Xiaomi seems to be good opportunity for the iPhone users.

Although, this removing of charging from the gadget seems to be very awkward. Apple has removed the charger in the name of protecting the environment. But the Xiaomi has grabbed this opportunity. The launch of ZMI charger is amazing. However, it is affordable than the Apple. Also it has almost same features like the Apple Charger. So the consumer will obviously go for Xiaomi charger rather than the Apple one. But the market conditions drastically changes. We cannot find any conclusion about the choices of the buyers. However, there is a belief that this Xiaomi’s product will make great in the market.


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