Xiaomi Wear app 2.0

Xiaomi Wear app 2.0 update With Health feature for Android ushers in several new features

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After a successful run of the Xiaomi Wear app, Xiaomi has now released a second version of the app. Xiaomi Wear app 2.0 introduces a new avatar to your status in real-time. The app has many new and improved features. It now allows users to initiate sports in the app as per their convenience. Currently, the update has rolled out to the Android customers exclusively. However, the company is planning to make it available for iOS users very soon.

Xiaomi Wear app 2.0

Xiaomi Wear app 2.0 Improvements

The new version comes with an in-built professional data manager, and users can immediately view their fitness data on the home page. The home page doubles as a status page, which displays statistics like steps, calories, exercise records, sleep, and so on. Additionally, to enhance and encourage multiple device usage, Xiaomi has added a new data source switching function. Further, users can now start their exercise regime directly on the app without binding the device. The feature supports exercises like outdoor and indoor running, outdoor walking, and outdoor cycling.

Xiaomi Wear app 2.0 Health feature

The new update has now included a new page which looks after the health segment. With just one click, users can check-in for small habits, health plans, and courses to improve health and monitor transformation. The app also has additional health information. Users do it even have to press a button to get a reading of their heart rate as the app does that automatically. This feature is available for the Mi band 5 and Band 5 NFC when they are paired to the smartphone. The heartrate reading feature is still under development for other devices.

Lastly, the new Independent device management feature is a second way for multi-device users to monitor data conveniently. The app also features a personal information manager. Users can update it independently.

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About Xiaomi

Xiaomi is a Chinese multinational electronics company. It invests in products like smartphones, laptops, mobile apps, home appliances, bags, shoes, consumer electronics, and many others. Its headquarters is situated in Beijing. It is the fourth company in the world to have self-developed mobile phone chip capabilities. The first three are Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. Xiaomi is currently available in selected countries only. It is still a developing brand in many of the developed countries. Xiaomi Wear is a recent introduction that helps the customers to monitor their day-to-day activities.


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