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Xiaomi Paipai wireless screen projector launched, features 5G Wi-Fi band, 60Hz transmission and more

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Xiaomi has launched a Paipai wireless screen projector launched. This new wireless screen projector will give the users an amazing experience. It will cost around 299 Yuan which is $45. The sale will go live from November 11, 2020. We all know that Xiaomi is an amazing company and when it lanched such gadgets then they will make big in the market. This new projector is based on the 5G WiFi frequency band. This also allows high-speed transmit. When you will watch movies, TV shows, and various other movies you will feel as if you are sitting in a theatre.

Paipai wireless screen projector Specifications

  1. It has 5G WiFi frequency band
  2. It is compatible with a variety of HDMI interface display device
  3. It could connect to multiple computers at the same time as well.
  4. It supports quick screen switching between multiple devices
  5. It also supports full HD resolution and 60 Hz image transmission.
  6. The device is available in white. This color is covered on both pairs
  7. This gadget could be connected easily with laptops, TVs, etc.

How to use it?

This wireless projector contains a 5G WiFi card. And the 5G technology enables the users to work efficiently. You can easily connect to a wireless network and communicate with the devices where you Connect the device such as a computer, laptop, or tablet. Such type of wireless projectors does not use cables to connect a receiver to a projector. The reason behind this is that it has a wireless capability that helps you to build into the devices. You can use this amazing 5G technology gadget using a peer to peer connection. And when the projector is connected to the devices then you can control the display from the computer, laptops, and the device where you have connected the devices. This also helps you to display slideshows and to display the streaming media. And when it comes to 5G technology this will give the user to have very fine working.

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This new gadget gives you fine features. You will get to see amazing pixels and amazing pictures on the screen. This will give you an amazing experience while watching your favorite shows. And surely such an amazing device will make big in the market.


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