Mi Water Purifier H600G

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier H600G launched with a dual outlet design, 6 seconds to fill a glass

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Xiaomi Mi has launched the water purifier. The product is launched on 21st October 2020. It is an H600G water purifier. This product has a dual outlet design. This new product by Mi will start from the price at 2499 yuan and the deposits are 100 to 700 yuan. This seems to be a blessing for the users of water purifiers. However, until now it will be available in China but hope that it will reach the world soon.

Mi Water Purifier Specifications

  1. The Mi water purifier H600G has a large throughput of 1.58L/min.
  2. However, it just takes 6 seconds to fill a glass of water
  3. This seems to be a good option that does not takes much time for filling.
  4. It is a good comparison with Mijia water purifier H 600G has a double water outlet feature.
  5. This helps in the addition of an additional domestic water switch in addition to the direct drinking water switch to the faucet.
  6. While using the domestic water, the water passes through composite filtration
  7. This does not pass through the RO filter element
  8. It also does not consume the life of the RO filter element
  9. There is no production of wastewater
  10. This new product by the company combines filter element into two
  11. Earlier there were four elements so these two elements feature is amazing.
  12. This dual filter element design can greatly reduce the frequency of the filter element replacement
  13. While the number of elements has been reduced so the filtration level of the water purifier has been increased
  14. Ranging from the 4 stage filtration to 6 stage filtration. This product has reverse osmosis technology
  15. This osmosis technology helps in the fine filtration of water.
  16. This product is very easy for anyone to use it is equipped with a differently positioned filter element.
  17. The users can now easily replace the filter element without moving the machine like a top suction filter element.
  18. This water purifier has a less body size and weight is just 351 mm
  19. This less body weight and size helps the easy use in the under kitchen spaces as well as under the basin.

This water purifier has remarkable quality. It does not have a very big size and huge right. So this gives the consumer a quick and easy usage of the product.


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