MIJIA Wireless Vacuum

Xiaomi launched – MIJIA Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10 for $192, with motor of 125,000 rpm

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Xiaomi has officially launched the MIJIA Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10. There are various other vacuum cleaners under the MIJIA brand. As well as other ecosystem brands like Raidmi, Roborock, Viomi, etc. This new gadget will surely be beneficial for users. However, the MIJIA Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10 is presently on pre-order. But only in China, it is available now. The price of this Vacuum Cleaner is 1,299 Yuan which is $192 via the Xiaomi Youpin website. It was announced on October 10 and now available for pre-order on MiShop. The brand new motor is equipped in the wireless Vacuum Cleaner. It has a high-speed motor of 125,000 rpm. This helps in delivering a massive suction power of 150AW. Also, it is capable of sucking the dirt deep into the carpet as well as the floor.

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MIJIA Wireless Vacuum

Features of wireless Vacuum Cleaner

  1. It has 12 cones cyclonic design
  2. This design is similar to Dreams V11 as well as the Dreams V12.
  3. This 12 conic feature helps in the separation of smaller diameter particles from the air.
  4. This separation improves the separation which later prevents the HEPA filter element from clogging.
  5. It has a visual interactive system with an LCD display
  6. This LCD display helps the user to show the status of the machine in real-time. It also provides a clear view of the cleaning mode, remaining power, malfunction
  7. This gives a clear idea of visualization as well as control.
  8. The newly added screen has a self-locking function.
  9. This self-locking function helps to prevent the malfunctioning due to frequent operation.
  10. Its battery life is long-lasting. It has a 3,000 mAh battery cell. This lasts up to 65 minutes.
  11. This fast-charging helps the user to use it anywhere without the frequent charging of the device.
  12. This vacuum can also recognize the different materials on the floor. Later it adjusts the gear automatically.
  13. This also avoids the extra power consumption which is generally caused by keeping the machine in power gear.
  14. It also helps with mopping the floor.
  15. It is equipped with a 250ml magnetic suction tank. This enables users to simultaneous vacuuming and mopping.
  16. It has a high-speed dust mite brush with a flexible nozzle. The nozzle is 2 in 1 wide. This helps in vacuuming the things easily

This vacuum cleaner is up to the mark in terms of quality. This makes your life easier while cleaning your household as well as other things. Hence, it reduces unnecessary expenses.


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