Xiaomi Graphene Smart Heating Mattress

Xiaomi Graphene Smart Heating Mattress, starts at 1499 Yuan ($200)

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Xiaomi developers along with Chengdu Fun Sleep Technology engineers developed an 8H Smart Electric Mattress with remote control, multiple operating positions, and unique coating. Xiaomi had disclosed earlier that the company will be crowdfunding a smart mattress under its eco-chain company Fun Sleep Technology. Recently, the company has officially begun the crowdfunding of 8H Smart Mattress.
The Xiaomi 8H Milan smart electric bed will be available for pre-order on December 3.


Xiaomi 8H frame is made from high strength glass fiber and alloy steel frame. High-strength glass fiber has exceptional anti-fatigue and flexible features, with a single load-bearing capacity of 75kg and the whole bed frame load-bearing 1000kg. Moreover, the mattress frame is divided into five zones depending on the gravity of the human body.

Moreover, the exterior of the Xiaomi 8H electric mattress is completely leather-wrapped with the eighth generation Litchi technology. This is a new kind of environmental protection technology fabric, with a surface on par with genuine leather, a delicate litchi pattern, and leather-like luster. It also has the performance beyond the real leather. Unlike the fragile real leather strands, the Xiaomi 8H strands can endure 20000 frictions on daily use. The mattress is not feared of abrasion and is not required to take care of. The new form of matte coating treatment on the surface will hardly produce the sound of leather friction.
In addition, the Xiaomi 8H utilizes a physical anti-mite insulating cover, which is safe, cozy, and effortless to change.

Xiaomi 8H Smart Mattress

The Xiaomi 8H Latex Mattress M3 will be available in three different sizes. The smallest one will roll in with a dimension of 1.2m x 2m x 20cm and bears a price tag of 1499 Yuan ($200). The slightly larger one will be launched with a dimension of 1.55m x 2m x 20cm at a cost of 1599 Yuan ($213). While the largest one will have a dimension of 1.8m x 2m x 20cm starting at the rate of 1699 Yuan ($227).


The Xiaomi 8H mattress is highly equipped with dual-motors. This pillars regional authority to the back and legs of the mattress to lift autonomously and unlock more functions that cannot be performed by a single-motor.

The mattresses’ back can adjust itself within 60 degrees and the leg to 30 degrees. There is no block limit, and any angle can be adjusted according to the user’s need. Additionally, the mattress has 5 inbuilt modes. Like flat mode, anti-snoring mode, reading mode, TV mode, zero gravity mode.
The mattress can also be adapted according to the user’s comfort with the help of the wireless remote and MiJia APP. With just one click the user can bend the bed to their desired angle. There is another cool feature. Users, even without moving a single time, can just voice their needs through Xiao Ai voice control, the Xiaomi Speaker. Within moments the mattress will provide the user with their desired results.

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