XDA is all set to launch its first-ever Smartphone, F(x)tec Pro 1-X, Checkout Price and Full Specs

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Going through many years of rumors, XDA is all set to launch its first-ever Smartphone in 2020. Recently, XDA introduced F(x)tec Pro 1-X running on the platforms such as LineageOS. Yesterday27 October, XDS announced Pro 1-X partnered with F(x)tec in order to bring an alternative platform for its audience. Eventually, it is the world’s first phone to run LineageOS out of the box. Know much more about it here.

F(x)tec Pro 1-X

XDA’s First-Ever Smartphone, F(x)tec Pro 1-X

The incorporeal ancestor to LineageOS, CyanogenMod debuted in the XDA community, and afterward, the community helped out to develop, and expand the devices runs on LineageOS. However, the history of LineageOS and XDA reflects that they both are fundamentally linked and accordingly launched the first phone running LineageOS out of the box. The basic idea behind it might be offering a choice to the audience. Until now, every phone launched either supported by Android or by iOS. Best to best Android phones require anchoring for customizing the experience. According to the information proposed by XDA, the Pro1-X not only run on LineageOS but there are also variants available for running including Ubuntu Touch OS in addition to android.

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F(x)tec Pro 1-X Key Specs

Notable key specs of the popular F(x)tec Pro 1-X includes:

  •  The 6GB RAM along with the storage of 128GB to 8GB and 256GB respectively
  • The Pro 1-X is designed with a fantastic Discovery Blue color.
  • There is a full QWERTY keyboard having 66 keys that slide out from beneath the display.
  • A Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.
  • It has support for Dual-SIM support.
  • The Pro 1-X features a fingerprint scanner.
  • There is a dedicated camera button.
  • There is an 8MP front camera with a 12MP primary camera & a 5MP secondary camera.
  • It has been featured with USB-C, and HDMI out.

F(x)tec Pro 1-X Price

According to XDA, the whole retail price of the latest smartphone is $899. However, there is a special discount on the console offering 29% off to the XDA community. There are a limited number of devices available for the XDA community priced at $639. For more details, visit the page of IIndiegogo crowdfunding.


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