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WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 – Roman Reigns won the game by defeating Jey

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WWE’s Hell in a Cell has come to an end on Sunday. The results were On Sunday the show has shown 3 matches in the enclosed cell. Among the 3 matches, 2 of them were the matches of the year contenders. The show was held in the Thunderdome, at the Amway Center in Orlando Florida. Hell in Cell has various championship matches in the full evening. Roman Reigns were the Head of the Table. Also on the SmackDown Women’s Championship, Sasha Banks took on Bayley. The matches were innovative, dramatic, and also compelling for the players.

WWE Hell In A Cell

Winners and Losers of the Game

  1. Roman Reigns won the game by defeating Jey. Now this has made the winners to retain their Universal Championship in the third title defence.
  2. SashaBanks victory was the first time in her career.
  3. Randy Orton has become a 14 time world championship. This is win over the Drew Mclntyre. Randy Orton won in the main event of Hell in Cell. This win seems to mark an end to Mclntyre’s title run.
  4. Elias sang a song before the match. Elias defeated Hardy with disqualification grade C
  5. The Miz defeated Otis (h). This is to win the money in the Blank contract Grade B.
  6. Lashley (c) defeats Slapjack with the submission to retain the title in the Grade C

Match Cards

  1. Mclntyre (c) vs. Randy Orton played in WWE Championship Hell kn A Cell Match
  2. Otis vs. The Miz (winner got the money in the Bank briefcase)
  3. R-Truth (c) Gulak (24 × 7 Championship KICKOFF Show)
  4. Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso played in Universal Championship Hell in a Cell
  5. SmackDown Women’s Championship Bayley vs. Sasha Banks played the match

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WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 Overview

Although, the matches in WWE were a little longer. But due to the pandemic, WWE PPVs were hit shorter. The game was much more interesting than the viewers expected due to the shorter matches. The Women SmackDown players might compete with each other in some other match. Holding the 3 matches in a single night was very hectic even was risky in making one of the most iconic matches in all of WWE. But the show managed to maintain its goodwill. The game was very interesting.


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