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wu assassins season 2 – will be a movie or Season ? Release date, Cast, Plot what more we know

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WU Assassins Season 2 Wu Assassins is now in the rearview of the first season. The popular martial arts action drama is set up fans for the anticipation of what could happen in Season 2. It is among one of those Netflix shows that, for those who found it, felt like a buried gem. Since its launch on Netflix in August 2019, Wu Assassins has attracted quite a fanbase. We remember hearing in July 2019 that the series had been renewed and Netflix finally confirmed in August 2020 that Wu Assassins season 2 would be going to come to Netflix in the coming months.

Wu Assassins came with Iko Uwais starring as a Chinese-Indonesian chef who turns out to be the last of the Wu Assassins with an oddly irresistible mix of Kung Fu, Asian Street Food, and Science Fiction. With six directors conducting different episodes, the series ran a total of ten episodes.

WU Assassins Season 2 Release Date

In July 2020, under good authority, it was reported that Wu Assassins was picked up by Netflix for a second season. Even though an official confirmation is still pending, Wu Assassin’s Season 2’s coming back, is still expected.
But Lewis Tan’s recent mysterious tweet prompted everyone When he wrote to watch the show and suggested that Netflix may soon have some good news on the way. Also, multiple members of the cast expressed their desire to see a second season in addition.

wu assassins season 2

WU Assassins Season 2 Cast

Characters are expected to return in their similar roles as of season one. Kai Jin to played by Iko Uwais, Jenny Wah played by Li Jun Li, Tommy Wah played by Lawrence Kao, Christine Gavin played by Katheryn Winnick, etc.

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WU Assassins Season 2 Plot

If season 2 is ever confirmed, now that season 1 has completed introducing the world and backstory of Wu Assassins, we’re more likely to see more action scenes. It will be looking like reality itself is completely out of sync, and requires Wu Assassin’s power to correct things.

Despite the fact that he was never able to truly reunite with his family, Alec’s plan to go back in time was successful. The Monk warned Jin that it would have a catastrophic effect on all of humanity if Alec was successful in going back in time. The dow has been disrupted, causing the balance to be thrown off all of space and time. It became evident with the appearance of Ying Ying at the end of the season that Jin had failed to prevent the ensuing tragedy. Next season, Jin will be at odds to restore balance to the world, while also contending with those who, for their own personal gain, seek the power of the Wu pieces.

WU Assassins Season 2 Other details

It is not expected to see the series return to Netflix until the second half of 2021 unless production has already started on Wu Assassins’ second season. The series was released on Netflix in August 2019, one year after the series began with the main photography. Assuming that the next season follows a similar production timeline, we‘d probably need to see filming begin before the end of December 2020 for the series to arrive in 2021.



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