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Wing of Darkness Release Date is Reveal for PS4, PC, Switch

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Wings of Darkness, the three-dimensional action-adventure games will be unveiled online on February 25, 2021. Play Station 4, Nintendo Switch and Personal Computer game players living all around the world will be able to download the game from Steam, Wings of Darkness’ digital distribution service at a cost of $29.99 / 2,980 yen.
Clouded Leopard Entertainment, the broadcaster, and Production Ex abilities, the game designer jointly issued the statement. The Japanese game will have captions in a selection of English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, Italian, German, and Spanish languages. Though, the audio will only be in the Japanese language.

Wing of Darkness PS 4, PC, Switch Release Date

Special Treat For Japanese And Asian Buyers

Japanese and Asian players can buy the game in physical edition and limited edition. The physical edition will come with a pocket pinch of $29.99 / 3,480 yen and the limited edition at a price tag of $84.99 / 8,980 yen.
The original soundtrack, pins, a crest, an acrylic figurine, a B5 sticker sheet, a visual fan book, and a surprise gift will be provided in a special box for the limited edition buyers.

Wing of Darkness Release

How you play the game?

In Wings of Darkness, players are cast in the main character of the game. They play assuming they are Fraulein. Fraulein is a youth (woman), fighting against the aggressive attackers, Bankers. Fraulein and her friends are clothed in motorized wings. They use these wings to fly, protect themselves from their attackers, and even attack their enemies.
The game consists of two elements. The first one is the thrilling fight section. Here, the players magnificently glide through the majestic sky and kill the villains using the constant stock of weapons.
In the second element, the two main protagonists narrate the story and illustrate the war from their point of view in a voiceover event scene.

How the story goes

In Wings of Darkness story, Fraulein and her neighbor’s world are completely surrounded by mysterious rivals. Blankers, the enemies have completely changed the type of attack. A cut-throat war is the only way to save Fraulein and her friends’ mankind. But, Blankers can only be killed by the Held System, the cutting-edge firearm only possessed by Fraulein and her friends.

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So, Fraulein and her friends are the ray of sunshine for the citizen of Fraulein’s world. How Fraulein and her friends save the world and what precious thing Fraulein lose during the battle, will be unveiled when the players progress in the game.


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