Wed. Jan 26th, 2022
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Ubisoft is back with the third game in the Watch Dogs series and calls it Watch Dogs: Legion. The game has assured its audience that it will make the gaming experience much better with the hack-based gameplay. The concept was what made the three-series game so popular. The latest version comes with a new feature that allows players to take control of several characters from anywhere in post-Brexit London. The location is an open-world city the game is based in. Watch Dogs: Legion is sure to lure in more and more subscribers with such an appeal.

Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion New Update

The third series of the game is bringing a new and interesting feature to the table. Any character that the players see in the city can be recruited and used as a playable character throughout the game. However, here’s the catch. The game now has an optional permadeath feature. The feature permanently deletes the character which gets killed from the gallery of playable characters. Thus, players must make sure to tread lightly while using their favorite avatar during gameplay. As mentioned, it is an optional feature, and hence, it gives players the liberty to turn it off whenever they please, regardless of the level of difficulty in-game. Other features of the game are similar to the first two in the series.

Will Watch Dogs Legion be on the Xbox and PC?

Yes, the game will be available on Xbox and PC. The original Watch Dogs was an early Xbox One title. So, the version will be available across all Xbox models, even the new ones. Watch Dogs: Legion will release on 29th October 2020. Players can experience the game on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia. For the next-gen consoles, the game will release on Xbox Series X and S on 10th November. PS5 will have the game on a digital platform upon its launch. Physical copies for the same will start selling from 24th November.

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Watch Dogs Legion Price

Currently, the game is available for pre-order on all platforms. Players pre-ordering the game are eligible for access to the Golden Knight pack that unlocks the Golden King Mask along with golden skin for vehicles and two-different pistols. The game comes in three editions, namely, the Standard Edition, the Gold Edition, and the Ultimate Edition. They cost $59.99, $109.99, and $189.99, respectively.

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