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Watch Dogs Legion – will have any non-playable characters? What Permadeath Game Over Looks Like

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Ubisoft, earlier declared that the Watch Dogs Legion will have any non-playable characters (NPCs) and how permadeath can kill a Londoners you like in the game during their adventures in the new open-world hacking thriller. Now, the game developing studio has cleared the air on how you may be able to keep away from the grips of the departure from life when the game launches in 2021.

What to do with non-playable characters (NPCs) in Watch Dogs Legion

Josh Cook, Art Director of Watch Dogs Legion spoke to IGN and said how they built the game to be played a number of times from the core of its design. He said that to make the complex game playable like non-playable characters (NPCs) work Watch Dogs Legion players like you, should have the opportunity to go back to various places and do various things. He requests you to have a look at the E3 demo. In the demo, you will get to see how the game unfolds and how you should play the game when you are sent to Scotland Yard to work on a mission.
He explains saying that he was to work on a project again with a different person, the game may send him to Camden Police Station, in MI6, or in a totally different path to Nine Elms.

The concept of permadeath in the game Watch Dogs Legion

Cook explained the concept of permadeath and how in the post-Brexit London scene of the game this feature puts on options for you to freely select. He said that permadeath happens if you tactfully select your options. In Watch Dogs Legion gives you enough freedom. It is up to you when you make the decisions, when, or if you surrender, and depending on your decisions and your method of playing the game your teammates and you will go to cool down period. In the cool-down period, your teammates will go to prison or hospital based on the circumstances they come across.

What penalties will you like to face to keep your teammates away from the blaze of glory?

In Watch Dogs Legion you will be able to keep death at bay on many occasions for most of your non-character players if you play the game wisely. Because you will not want to kick your bucket and will be happier to pay your penalty or recover from injuries.

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Otherwise, your special officer pensioner will put you through a blaze of glories like Thelma and Louise. You cannot fix those wounds with how many times you may spend in lockup.


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