Vivo Smartphones, AR/VR Glasses, and Robots now Finalizing the development of 6G Technology

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Our Human World is reaching new heights of progress and technological development in recent years. From all those facilities that the Internet provides us to other inventions that have made our human life like heaven, the credit goes to scientists engineers and every single person who is working hard to make lives better.

Now when we come to our latest news it’s all about Vivo, Yes! Vivo the company that manufactures mobile phones and other devices and is recognized globally for its products and services. They are now planning to build up a 6G Network and some of those exceptional devices that will take your life to dimensions for sure. Let’s have a look at the whole issue.


Vivo Finalizes the development of 6G Technology

While countries such as the United States came looking for 6 G long ago, it seems that Chinese companies are now slowly hopping on the train. Vivo Communications Research Institute, says that 6 G requires smartphones, AR, VR, and robotics. In a recent interview by Qei Fin, he tells it all.

He says (via ITHome) at a 6 G series meeting held by Vivo that Vivo has started the 6 G research and subsequent contexts. He thinks that 6 G will focus more on AR(Augmented Reality), VR(Virtual Reality), and other related technologies. Future AR / VR glasses, he says, will be much thinner and more comfortable. Also, he stated they’ll be in sync with a visual cortex-computer to read the minds of people. Multi-function robots will replace the existing
primary ones with updated AI-intelligence after 2030. And progression in other technologies, Fei predicts. He says, however, that smartphones are less likely the 6 G information age to be substituted. The justifications for this are apparently the complexity of touch screens, custom communication modules, computing units, ARM cores, etc.

In addition, he says Vivo prefers to develop in the future more 2C(To C) terminals. When he is asked about the 5G and 6 G differences, he says, He says 6 G will focus on reinforcing predecessors such as 5 G, 4 G, etc. 6 G will also combine AI through the integration of communication, computing, and storage to become a complete service. He says, however, 6G’5G+AI. That said, the next generation of wireless communication technology is not the only company that Vivo is embracing.

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Others tech giants are also in the race

LG, the South Korean giant, and Samsung have already begun their research and development. And Samsung expects the 6 G to be commercially launched by 2028. However, 6 G is likely to have significant changes such as 1 terabyte per second (1 Tbps) velocity, MEC (multi-access edge computing), faster sampling rates, sub-mmWave combination, and frequency selectivity for better EM absorption rates, etc.



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