Viomi 21Face 5IoT Refrigerator

Viomi unveils 21Face 5IoT Refrigerator with interactive display and Wi-Fi 6 support and many more

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The house is not the same any longer as we imagined it until two or three years ago, mainly because of the emergence of technology in it. Domestic appliances have become more and more smart and powerful, like the groundbreaking 21Face smart refrigerator by Viomi, collaborating with Xiaomi, the first in the market in this category, with 5G connection and Wi-Fi 6 with a display of large integrated, that comes at a price is all in all worth spending every penny.

Viomi 21Face 5G IoT highlighted features of the smart refrigerator of the Xiaomi partner

What makes this refrigerator smart and first in its class? Let’s take a look at the key features of the smart refrigerator a partner brand of XiaomiViomi 21Face 5G IoT, which is the new and future of refrigerator. When it comes to design and strong lines, but most of all it is spacious and equipped with comfortable freezer units in the lower part. Its maximum capacity is 520 liters. Integrated drawers maintain the humidity up to 90%, on the other hand, the dry area does not reach more than 40%. It also works silently with an impressive noise level of 38dB.

Viomi 21Face 5IoT RefrigeratorOther aspects of Viomi 21Face 5G IoT

When it comes to temperature managing, the Viomi smart refrigerator is powered with 9 sensors solely for this purpose and has a radar-type temperature detector. Other smart functions include the touch-screen display da 21 lets you access the apps of Shopping along with recipes and what more is you can order food online. Moreover But not only that, it gives you to access various social media sites like TikTok. As for the network speed, besides the 5G there is the Wi-Fi 6 that allows you to receive data up to 1.2 Gbps. The complete system is connected with other 5G smart home devices of the range Viomi to perfection.

Price and Availability

However this is no doubt an expensive purchase but you can definitely spend your money on the functions it has the 12.999 yuan, or so 1658€. But Viomi has also given thought to the young generation who cannot afford to buy this so they have decided to launch a cheaper version of the 21Face 5G IoT smart refrigerator also quite large but with a monobloc structure at 4999 yuan, or 637€. There is no announcement of the device launching in other countries.

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