US Appeals Court rejected WeChat app immediate ban request from Justice Department

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The justice department appealed to the Court to ban the WeChat app. But the Court rejected the appeal of Trump’s administration request. They have requested to ban the WeChat app from the smartphone app stores. The department gave the reason that this is for security reasons. The department argued that this application is a threat to national security. The three-judge panel for the Ninth Circuit Court Appeals. Even though giving such reasons the court did not accept the appeal by the members. The court said that they will be looking at the matter later in January 2021. However, there are no such comments by the head companies Tencent and the Commerce Department.

WeChat app banWeChat users in the U.S.

There are around 19 million daily active users in the US of WeChat. And when the application will ban in the country this will surely impact the communication system of the country.  Whereas the users have said that the ban will lead to the shutdown of the various communication systems between the major part of the country’s citizens. And now the users will be facing many problems when the application will ban. This application is most popular among Chinese students, Americans living in China. This app is all in one mobile app which is similar to Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and others. Despite being the application is a threat to the country as explained by the department. But it seems that the users are not happy with the ban of this application. This is also helpful for the various Chinese people living in America to have communication with their families and friends. And if this got to ban this will have a huge impact on their lives as well.

Reason for not banning the app

The court must believe that if they will ban this app this will have an impact on the lives of Chinese living in India. As discussed above this is the major communication tool for the Chinese with their families and friends. This will lead to the violation of the free speech rights of millions of Chinese-speaking Americans. But the main reason behind the appeal for banning this app is when Trump ordered in August to ban the app. Still, the court rejected the appeal.

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