Tornado warning

Tornado warning issued for parts of East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana and St. Helena

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In some parts of EBR, East Feliciana, St. Helena Parishes a tornado warning has been issued. There might be wind threats from Hurricane Zeta over southeast Louisiana. The warning against this threat of tornado was issued around 2:21 pm. The warning was issued on Wednesday. The tornado could be 8 miles west of Montpelier in St Helena Parish. This will move at 30 mph. This tornado will also go 13 miles southwest of Greensburg. Later the weather team of the area saw the conditions and they have applied a warning to Southwest of St Helena Parish of East Feliciana and northwestern of Baton Rouge until 2 p.m. for about 45m. This tornado is detected to threaten life, property, homes, trees, and many other things. Even due to the strong winds the trees, network towers, homes, buildings, roofs, etc could also be destroyed. Residents must protect themselves. They must equip their home with plenty of daily essential items. And also the services team has asked people to take care of themselves. Things could turn worse if the tornado will be at high speed.

Tornado warning

Frequent Tornadoes in Southern part

Tornadoes are one of the most disastrous natural disasters. If the speed of the tornado is high then it could lead to vast damage to life and property. It has the capacity to vanish each and every single thing across the area. In the southern part of the US, the areas are more prone to tornadoes. These areas experience tornadoes throughout the majority of the year. They occur especially in the spring and in the late fall or early winter. But in the summer and in the early winter these tornadoes are on peak. This might be due to the drastic change in the weather in these areas. The speed and the other parameters of the wind lead to the destruction of the areas through the occurrence of tornadoes. The relationship between spring and dl tornadoes activities is robust with respect to tornadoes intensity. And when these occur the area kept on red alert for the people. They were given instructions to be safe at their homes and various other information given by the team of the weather department.

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