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Torchlight 3 Going to Launch Soon – OFFICIAL ANNOUMCEMENT

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This is a great news for the Torchlight fans. Now The torchlight universe is ready for its III comeback. It will be launching on October 13, 2020. There will be early access for those whose are looking to find fame, glory, and adventures. The first and the third part of the game has shown promising results. Now the launch of third part must bring excitement among the fans. However, the third part had been in developement since two years. And now the time for its launch has come. Earlier it’s name was announced as Torchlight Frontiers. But in January 2020 it got its name as Torchlight III. On October 13 it will be available for Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation useres.

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Features of Torchlight III

  1. There is a shift in development focus. The game is returning to its ARPG formula.
  2. Now players could have their own personal hubs. They will be known as forts. This will allow the gamers to build structure related skills and decorations.
  3. Players can now explore new party with friends, gather materials to craft tool. Also the wilderness. They could also use maps to enter unknown dungeons or show off their spoils in towns.
  4. Players can now Relics their skills. They can level up both of their active and passive skills.
  5. They can now fight their war to fame and glory with loyal companions.
  6. They could utilize class specific mechanics. This will help them to maximize damage and their odds of survival.
  7. In Torchlight III players can gather epic gear, customise loadouts.
  8. They could also create style of their heroes.

Other information

The game will be available Nintendo Switch later this year. Although the release date is not confirmed yet. The mechanics of the game will be like other parts only. This includes standard hack n slash style, offline single player, online 4 player mode and beloved pet system. However, the PC version (Steam) will get a Violet Glittersprite. Xbox One will get Verdant Glittersprite. PlayStation 4 will get the Azure Glittersprite. Nintendo will get Ashen Glittersprite. This new part will have various interesting things and updates for the players. The players will surely love the game.


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