Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar

Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar luxury smartwatch with Mega battery

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In the summer of 2020, the Swatch group unveiled the Tissot T-Connect Solar but the company has not disclosed the date of market release until now. At a pocket pinch of an approximate $1000 or an exact €900, you can buy the watch from 2nd November onwards. Swatch will ship the orders for Tissot T-Connect Solar from the end of November or early December. You can say that the price is quite staggering for a smartwatch, well, we request you to look at the smartwatch features first.

Tissot T-Connect Solar smartwatch is a marriage between the classic royal and the modern upbeat

Tissot T-Connect Solar is not a usual smartwatch. It a mix between the patent, classic, royal Tissot wristwatch, and the new updated feature-packed smartwatch. You may call it a hybrid smartwatch. T-Touch Solar has taken the display from the modern touchscreen smartwatch and placed it on the classic traditional wristwatch casing of 47mm. Yes, the smartwatch is huge.  Swatch has used the Memory in Pixel (MIP) technology in the display. This technology uses less power to run the smartwatch functions smoothly. Thus, on a single charge, the smartwatch can function for almost a week.
Moreover, Tissot T-Connect Solar is built with solar cells. It means whenever you step outdoors your T-Connect Solar smartwatch will recharge itself with solar energy without a single movement of your hand. The smartwatch can solar charge it’s battery for use of up to six months.

Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar
Get all the smartwatch features with some new and surprising details

SwALPS, the Swiss Autonomous Low Power System operating system, developed jointly by the Swatch Group and the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM) is inbuilt on the Tissot T-Connect Solar smartwatch. Waterproof of up to 100 meters, the Tissot smartwatch by the Swatch group does every function a common smartwatch will do. You can connect your Tissot T-Connect Solar smartwatch with an Android and iOS smartphone and it will track your fitness, send you notifications and help you with a GPS tracker. However, you cannot track your heart rate in this hybrid smart wearable.

Keeping in mind the Chinese market, Swatch has made a smart move. They have made Tissot T-Connect Solar compatible with Huawei Harmony Operating System. The company has not revealed the kind of GPS Tissot T-Connect Solar will use. It can be Google GPS tracker or their self-designed GPS navigation system that they may develop for this smartwatch, you never know.

Though, for some reason, the GPS tracking system will work from the summer of 2021. We do not have a lot of information about the features and specifications since the company disclosed the details in their annual news conference that streamed online.

A vast selection of straps with your safety in mind

You can select your favorite strap between the six color options. Five of them are made of silicone and the classic one, in titanium link strap. For your safety, Tissot has added a hypoallergenic coating on the body and silicone straps. Swatch used scratch-resistant ceramic to make the body of the Tissot T-Connect Solar smartwatch and sapphire glass to protect the smartwatch screen.

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