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The Red Lantern – going to launch this October 22 for Nintendo Switch, PC, launch date

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Wanna get a new experience of wilderness? The Red Lantern is all set to give you goosebumps, awaited by all it is finally going to be released soon. This survival game is gonna be a new favorite for all the gaming players of varied backgrounds. Let’s have a look at all its features and its storyline.

The Red Lantern launch date

Timberline Studio has announced that it will launch The Red Lantern on October 22nd. On PC and Nintendo Switch, the survival-adventure game can be easily seen. The Red Lantern will be available on the PC exclusively through the Epic Games Store. If you love dogs and always wanted to go through an adventure with them! This game is the right destination for you then. Inbuild with tremendous features and graphics. The game takes you to a new world of Wilderness. That has amazing secrets hidden behind. The untamed wild can be cool, but it can be savagely penalizing as well. Now, imagine what if you are all left alone to wither the wild of Alaska just with your huskies.
The Red Lantern exactly puts the player on the bench. Then it asks you to survive and navigate your way back to civilization from a dangerous environment. The atmosphere is kind of similar to the mesmerizing The Long Dark.
Featuring a beautiful, almost painterly style of art, on your journey you are sure to experience both danger and beauty. In this story-driven adventure game, the game incorporates roguelike elements, where hundreds of different events can take place, such as fending off bears, resisting frostbite, attending to your dogs, or avoiding the most nefarious of woodland creatures: the squirrel. 

Advantages that are heart throbbing for players of The Red Lantern

The sled and your five sled dogs do seem to be your main strength. Overall else, they end up making fast and safe travels possible. And you’re getting to need all the help and support that you can get. You have to think not only about your way back but about staying alive too though. Wildlife, in addition to the elements, poses a serious threat.

You can all Choose your route, go hunting, and do everything to make it safe and sound again. Also, you get an option Design mechanics from Rogue-lite make every trip unique. As such, you are encouraged to adapt to changing circumstances. Just like survival in the real-world and life. The Red Lantern even sports some serious star power with voice talent by Ashly Burch (Horizon Zero Dawn, Borderlands 2, Life is Strange). A very nice aspect that during lonely times will surely help.

Kudos!! Do play the game and tell us how was it in the comment section below!!



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