The Hill Google is now using recyclables in all its products, Pixel phone and its accessories

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In this time climate change is the biggest problem which we are suffering from. Due to climate changes, we are seeing everyday problems in our lives. The idea of using recyclables in all its products seems to be a huge contribution to a safer environment. Google is using such an idea in its products. This is a big step towards a sustainable environment. Earlier in 2019, the company has announced this plan of being a part of a sustainable environment. The company said that it will achieve this target by 2022. But the company has achieved this target one year early.

The Hill Google


According to the sources, the company is using its products such as the Pixel phone and its accessories. Every product by the company will have something recycled features in some of the other forms. Google is keeping a focus on incorporating recycled materials in the hardware designs. This is even beneficial for the company as this target will attract more investment. Also, there will be confident investments by the supply chain partners. Later this will lead to the use of the products in a wider sense. Since 2016 the company has reduced the use of plastic in its products. Even Google has bought more renewable energy than any other company in the country. These countries include the U.S., Europe, and Mexico.

Sustainable products

The company has included Pixel 5 in the list of sustainable products. This time they have kept green-friendly production in their mind. This gadget is made up of 100% recycled aluminum, it has Nest audio, it also includes 70% recycled plastic, nest thermostat, 75% post-consumer recycled plastic is used in the trim play. This shows how much the use of recycled items is done in the production of the gadget. This is commendable that such a big company is using this kind of product in its production. The usage of plastic is remarkable.

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They have also used 50% recycled or renewable material in the Production of the gadgets. With the purchase of this product, the customers will also contribute towards a healthy and safer environment. The company has put so much effort to keep the environment clean and safe.


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