The Falconeer ‘The Free and Fallen’ trailer out NOW – Release date, Cast, Plot what more we know

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The Falconeer launched their new trailer The Free & The Fallen on October 2, 2020. Broadcaster Wired Productions and developer Tomas Sala released the statement.

Falconeer trailer takes us to a world of The Great Ursee in a high definition updated graphical format. The trailer promises the game will have extreme athletic fights and an amazing open world fairy tale. There will be wild rivals in every realms of the world, land, water and air to fight and win. Some of the Falconeer opponents are War Falcons, Weaver Dragons, Mantarays and Razorbeetles.The game will be launched on Xbox X, Xbox S and Personal Computer from November 10, 2020 onwards.

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The Falconeer Release Date and Price

The Falconeer will be launched on November 10, 2020 on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Xbox One and Personal Computer. Players can pre order at retail shop, Wired Productions, Steam and the Falconeer Discord channel for a price of $ 45 at this moment.

The Falconeer Plot

The Great Ursee has an endless water body. Falconeers, the competive groups (factions) , live there. The great Falconeers save their assets in the sky and the poor and abused ones live down in the waters. The players select the factions they like and support them in the game as the game moves forward.

The Falconeer The Competitive Groups ( Factions)

Benedict Nichols’ fresh background music brings each faction to life. Nichols used Synths, organs, Mongolian throat-singing, Balkan choir, bagpipes, and cimbalom to create his one of a kind music.

The players can select their factions from the list:

• The Northern Imperium: They are the rulers of the Imperial crown. The Great Ursee’s maximum strength is in their hands.

• The Mancer Order: They have the maximum power to use the technology, the Order and are the most educated ones.

• The Civilian Freehouses: They are a bunch of detached public working together for saving the local business. The Imperium and The Mason Order control them.

• The Freebooter Rebellion: They are banned from The Great Ursee and live in the unknown dark places. They use the gloomy and obsolete insight to ruin and devastate their enemies.


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