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The Dragon Prince Season 4 : Series About to release -What to Expect , Plot, new Cast And Release Date

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The Dragon Prince is a popular American-Canadian series. It is a fantasy comedy. Also a computer-animated series. It represents the world and story of childhood. However, this series gained a lot of attention from the viewers. And now it’s season 4 is out. This series is produced by Wonderstorm. And reviewed by Barrel Entertainment. In season 4 the fans will be able to see new experience, magics, drama, topics, actions, and many more.

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Season 4: Release Date

The Dragon Prince’s first season was released on September 14, 2018. And now the fans are expecting a new season i.e. season 4. This will release in 2021. It will be forecasted on Netflix. However, the trailer is not released yet. After the news of release in 2021. The fans are expecting a trailer soon.

Cast for season 4

There will be some characters who will be continuing from the previous season. But there might be some new addition of characters in the cast. Some new anime characters are joining in this fantasy story. However, some of the characters are:

  1. Callum – Jack De Sena
  2. Rayla- Paula Burrows
  3. Ezran- Sasha Rojen
  4. Zym- Ozymandias
  5. Viren- Jason Simpson
  6. Claudia- Racquel Belmonte


This new season 4 revolves around the humans who lived in peace. When they were not able to use the original magic. Later they started using the black magic. In last 3 seasons there were various ups and downs. Viren joined a secret alliance. Also the way he was defeated by elves. His life was brought back by using magic. There much not much hints about the new season plot. It will revolves around Xadia and it’s Kingdom. However, the new season will start just from where the season 3 was left. The things will be likely to revolve around the region of Xadia. Till the announcement of the trailers things are not confirmed about the plot. The fans could just wait for the actual plot. The trailer might be released soon. More details will be released soon with the upcoming trailer.

Other information

This new season will have 9 episodes. Each episode will be 25-27 minutes long. However, this will also be just like other seasons. The fans surely love the new season.


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