Tabe-O-Ja ‘Vol 1: Hungry Eater Invasion’ animated trailer on Air Now

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A few months ago, Bandai toys announced a new cooking-battle action game named Tabe-O-Ja. Recently, it released the first animated trailer giving an in-depth insight into the game. Earlier, the developers revealed that in the game, players cook various cuisines to summon a food-themed monster for battle. It also employs Joy-cons to mimic cooking-actions in a few parts of the game. The developers revealed that the game goes on air during the winter in Japan. 

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Analyzing the trailer

The animated trailer gives a brief introduction to the game. It has set standards and perfectly portrayed what gamers can expect to experience when they play Tabe-O-Ja. In the trailer, a man is sitting in a restaurant with fellow-customers. He finishes his meal within seconds as he is extremely hungry. The other people notice this as it seems unnatural and ill-mannered to them. Then, events take a rough turn as the man experiences something horrendous within him. The other people in the restaurant and taken aback as they see him transform into a dangerous monster. By showing this, the trailer has given a glimpse into the game, which involves key elements like the “Tabe-Gami” that dwell in food, and the “Hungry Eaters” that devour the world.

Playing the game

As mentioned earlier, Tabe-O-Ja is a cooking-action game in which the players can enjoy strategic battles. In the game, the players are the head chefs, and their role is to prepare authentic Japanese food and various other cuisines like western, Chinese, and more, to summon these food monsters. The players have to use Joy-Con cooking actions to prepare the cuisine. Further, the players can form a team of their own and battle against other chefs and their Tabe-Gami. After defeating everyone, they can challenge the showdown of the cooking world: “World’s strongest dish.”

Summoning the Tabe-Gami

As you already know, the Tabe-Gami dwells within various dishes. Each dish hides a different monster within itself. Using Joy-Con cooking actions, you can summon the Tabe-Gami. However, you have to complete preparing the dish. 

Joy-Con cooking actions have various options based on the dish. Some of them are stir-fry, stacking ingredients, and simmer. Besides these, many other challenging patterns make the game more interesting. The Tabe-Gami’s fighting ability depends on your performance on the dish it emerges from. Once the Tabe-Gami appears in front of you, you can team-up with it to defeat your rivals. The battle is decided when you destroy the opponent’s kitchen. 

Further, you can also summon a Tabe-Gami of your choice by selecting the one you want and perform the Joy-Con actions. The game displays 69 varieties of Tabe-Games at launch. Players can access this game on Switch once it is released in Japan. 


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