Spider Man Remastered version on PS5 - Recasts Peter Parker, Mix Reaction from Fans on Tom Holland

Spider Man Remastered version on PS5 – Recasts Peter Parker, Mix Reaction from Fans on Tom Holland

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One of the most anticipated games of the PS5 is Marvel’s Spider-Man, which is all set to be included in the ‘Ultimate Edition’ of Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Sony Interactive and Insomniac Games recently announced that the original PS4 version of Spider-Man will not be receiving an upgrade on the PS5. To avail the remastered version, players will have to purchase the Ultimate Edition of Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

With the hype surrounding the remastered version soaring, Insomniac Games recently revealed an official first look at the PS5 Spider-Man, which included dialogue, as well as a gameplay sequence.

While the graphics have definitely received a major boost, fans were left shocked at what had happened to their beloved Peter Parker, who has received a complete facelift, quite literally.

The titular character was portrayed by John Bubniak in the PS4 version and he has now been replaced by Ben Jordan- a decision which seems to have invited criticism from a large section of the online community.

Wonder’s Spider-Man Director Comments on Peter Parker Recast

In the 2018 PS4 version of Spider-Man, Peter Parker was portrayed by actor John Bubniak, who lent his facial likeness, which is what went into bringing the character to life. His youthful persona and boyish charm went on to be praised by the gaming community, as his portrayal was well-received.

While the voice of Spider-Man is provided by veteran voice-over artist Yuri Lowenthal, it was Bubniak’s performance capture which contributed towards the beloved video-game version of Peter Parker.

Spider-Man Remastered PS5

Stating that they needed an upgrade that would complement Lowenthal’s voice better, the team at Insomniac decided to recast the face of Peter Parker and have replaced John Bubniak with model Ben Jordan, who has provided the exclusive facial capture for the Remastered Spider-Man.

While the Remastered version is set to ring in a slew of exciting new changes such as three new Spidey suits, enhanced graphics, and ray-tracing, the Peter Parker face recasting seems to have overshadowed all the other additions, at least for the time being.

Check out some of the reactions online as fans expressed shock and disapproval of the Peter Parker recast. Some also noted that there was a striking resemblance to the MCU’s Tom Holland:

While Peter Parker’s face recast seems to have backfired upon Insomniac, for the time being, it remains to be seen how Ben Jordan fares ultimately, as he certainly has massive shoes to fill.


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