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Spider-Man PS5: Peter Parker’s recasting, Developer Calls Out Fans Harassment

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Insomniac Games, developer of the critically beloved Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PS4 and its upcoming PS5 remaster, has a response for abusive fans. After a controversial PS5 game recasting decision that’s quickly spiraling out of control online, a key Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered developer is calling toxic series fans out for harassing himself and his staff over the game’s version of Peter Parker being remodeled to better resemble the voice actor (and, many argue, the MCU Spider-Man’s Tom Holland). Voiced by prolific gaming and animation voice actor Yuri Lowenthal in both the original PS4 release of Marvel’s Spider-Man and it’s upcoming PS5 remaster, fans expected to see John Bubniak’s face matching to Lowenthal’s voice lines when the game’s visual overhaul of story cutscenes was unveiled. Instead, they were met with the high-resolution visage of model Ben Jordan, instantly sparking outrage from some players of the first game.

Spider-Man PS5 Developer Calls Out Fan Harassment Over Peter Parker Casting

Fan Harassment Over Peter Parker Casting

Fueling this flash fire was the believable accusation that the reason for the recast was actually to make the character more closely resemble his MCU counterpart, Tom Holland, while Sony and developer Insomniac Games argue that the change was made because Jordan’s face better fit the frame of Lowenthal’s own, with the voice actor having also done Peter Parker’s performance work. Now, that disagreement has apparently come to a head online, and Insomniac Creative Director Bryan Intihar is having none of it. Claiming that some “fans” are sending him (and presumably his fellow developers) “threatening notes” in response to Peter Parker’s recasting, he calls for those fans to instead “be a force for good and be respectful of each. There’s plenty of greedy and cynically motivated developer and publisher behavior – some of which is even directly related to Spider-Man – to call out in the games industry, but harassing Insomniac Games employees over a basic face-swap after they’ve already explained the situation is unacceptable and shameful. Some of these so-called fans are spending an unhealthy amount of time staring at Peter Parker’s digital face, but what they really need to look into is a mirror.

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