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South Park Season 24 Episode 1 -Something Happened to Marsh’s Tegridy Farms ,Release Date, Plot, Cast, Everything You Need To Know

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The South Park series is an American cartoon television show, created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The show is famous for its dark comedy, and caricature. The show has received nominations for Annie Awards, Critics Choice TV awards, Emmy awards, and TCA awards. The animated series is best for children above 18 years of age. The season 24 episode named The Pandemic Special was the first special and first one-hour episode in the 23-year history of The Comedy Central show.

South Park Season 24 Episode 1 Release date

Unfortunately, the TV series does not have a release date but a special episode has released on 30, September. The pandemic special episode is considered as a part of the season 24 of the South Park. The exclusive episode is available for free to watch on South Park Studios in the US. The show has already completed 300 episodes to date. It revolves around the story of Randy Marsh’s Tegridy Farms.

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South Park Season 24 Episode 1 Plot

Basically, The Pandemic Special is considered to be the first episode of South Park Season 24 but it’s still ambiguous whether the other episodes will be released back to back or not. Although at the end of the special episode Marsh said that they are going to do more special episodes. This clarifies that there would be more episodes coming. But the question is will there be episodes with longer duration and fewer in number?

The first episode shows that Randy March and Disney Mascot is taking responsibility for the pandemic situation because of their sexual activity with a Pangolin in China. On the other hand, Eric is enjoying his quarantine period, without attending school in South Park Elementary.
Although school reopened and policemen working as teachers started to fire when Eric and Kyle were fighting and Token Black got injured.

President Garrison is presented as a cartoon of Trump foiled the attempts to end efforts the pandemic at the same time persuading people to vote for him.

South Park

South Park Season 24 Episode 1 Cast

The main cast members are:

• Stan Marsh
• Kyle Broflovski
• Eric Cartman
• Kenny McCormick
• Butters Stotch
• Randy Marsh
• Mr. Garrison
• Sheila Broflovski
• Sharon Marsh

South Park Season 24 Episode 1 Other Details

South Park Season 24 Episode 1 broke the records by receiving the highest ratings in 7 years. The episode mocked the current pandemic situation by introducing the Disney Mascot Mickey Mouse, President Trump, and the Police. According to Deadline, the show was viewed by 2.3 million people on Comedy Central including the simulcasts. Creators Trey Parker, 50, and Matt Stone, 49, executive producer of the show have given their voice to many characters.


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