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South Park Season 24 – Confirned on Air ? Release Date, Cast, Plot – Everything you need to know

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South Park fans are in luck as Comedy Central renewed the show for another season and two more! Well, fans were already expecting a 24th season as the producers of the show released a coronavirus one-hour special on 30th September 2020. South Park has more than 300 episodes today, but it still manages to top the charts. Even though the quality has fluctuated on-and-off, the show is still mighty popular. The audience admires it so much that HBO Max reportedly paid $500 million for the rights to broadcast re-runs of the show.

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South Park Season 24 Release Date

There is no specific release date for the 24th season yet. However, the one-hour special episode on 30th September marked the beginning of the season. The special is available for free on South Park Studios. It is listed as the first episode of Season 24 on that site.

Usually, the new season begins in Septemeber. This year, all show productions were postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and South Park was affected too. So, the new season may release sometime in December.

South Park Season 24 Cast

Most of the re-curring cast will return for the next season. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of the show, will return to voice:

  • Stan Marsh
  • Eric Cartman
  • Mr. Mackey
  • Mr. Garrison
  • Randy Marsh
  • Clyde Donovan
  • PC Principal
  • Kyle Broflovski
  • Butters

Some other characters are:

  • Scott Malkinson as Stoke
  • Mona Marshall as Shiela Broflovski
  • April Stewart as Sharon Marsh

South Park Season 24 Plot

Since the past few seasons, the makers have shifted focus from the children towards the adults, especially towards Randy Marsh’s activities. They began to explore Randy’s story more. In the last season, the complete focus was on Randy as he tried to run his Tegridy Farms business to sell cannabis.

[SPOILER ALERT] In the pandemic special episode, Randy manages to find the vaccine which cures the coronavirus but is unable to produce enough for his own town, let alone the world. The kids also find it hard to adjust to the new normal.

Nothing has been spoken or leaked about the plot for the 24th season. However, it will mostly follow the lives of its lead characters in Colorado. It may even feature more of the pandemic. Guess we’ll have to wait and watch!

Challenges while making the special episode

The creators of the show recently released a behind the scenes video of the special pandemic episode. The video featured how animators worked from home and what challenges they faced while doing so. The animation industry has been least affected by the pandemic as they don’t need to assemble physical sets to produce an episode. Check out the complete video onĀ


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