Sony Wena 3 Smart Band launched in Japan - Features, Cost and Other important information

Sony Wena 3 Smart Band launched in Japan – Features, Cost and Other important information

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Sony Wena has launched the third generation of its smart wristwatches. Now the company has announced the wearable device in three different types of brands 00 Leather, Metal, and Silicone Rubber. Sony Wena has its home market in Japan. This is a sensational product by the company. However, it is ever since it was announced for a crowdfunding campaign.

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Sony Wena 3 Features

The company has announced various new and trendy features of the product. Some of the features are discussed below:

  1. Mechanical structure
  2. Antenna and electrical circuit
  3. The board pattern ensures it fits in the buckle
  4. 30 percent smaller in volume and 2.5 mm thicker than Wena Active
  5. Touch panel display
  6. The battery in a curved design
  7. The cover glass is of graphite type
  8. Durable screen
  9. 5 ATM water resistance
  10. Accelerometer added
  11. Dual optical heart rate sensors
  12. Users can track their daily activities
  13. Measure heart rate
  14. Track sleep data
  15. Unique algorithm for fail health monitoring
  16. MAMORIO notification function
  17. Week use with a single charge
  18. Heart rate sensors
  19. Alarm timers

These new gadgets have passed through 20 different processes for its screen. However, this is one of those gadgets which are not available in the market yet.

Sony Wena 3 Smart Band launched in Japan - Features, Cost and Other important information

Sony Wena 3 Other important information

These watches are more like a smart band. Any watch can have a classical mechanical watch with modern smarts. It offers a larger screen. This new heart rate sensors can detect blood oxygen saturation. It could also calculate VO2 Max. This strap estimates stress and recovery. It is made out of SUS316L stainless steel. Also, the premium black version has been ion plated. This Sony Wena 3 will be released in Japan on November 27. Thus this version of Wena will be available in Europe soon.

Sony Wena 3 Cost

Due to its various new and exciting features. We cannot expect its price to be very low. However, it comes in leather and metal versions. So the prices of both of them differ according to their quality.

  1. The metal version of the bracelet cost $314
  2. The upper version costs $333
  3. The Silicone version costs $228
  4. The Leather version costs $285

Thus, their prices do not seem to have too much difference. Although, the quality of the bracelet says it all. Japan never fails to prove its importance in the tech


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