Samsung Officially Announcd 5nm Exynos 1080, Rival To Snapdragon 865 Plus

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Samsung makes it official about the new Exynos 1080 SoC on October 9, 2020. The Exynos 1080 is the South Korean’s newest creativity. The chipset processes on 5nm and AnTuTu while challenging the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+. The performance of AnTuTu is amazing as per the information.

The next-gen smartphones to sport the latest 5nm chips. Apple A14, Snapdragon 875, Kirin 9000, and Exynos are some of the names. Dr. Pan Xueabo, directing the Samsung Semiconductor China Research Institute mentions in an interview that Exynos 1080 SoC will have inauguration in a short time. The tech Exynos 1080 is devised to run on a 5nm processor and the snapdragon 875 and will give good energy output.

The new Mali-G78 design, new chips make use of the ARM Cortex A-78 CPU design. As per the official statements from ARM, the A78 targets a 20 percent CPU efficiency over the A77. The G78 to give a 25 percent rise in outcome in contrast to the old G77 model.


Exynos 1080

The new chip Exynos 1080 will make markets with Vivo Smartphone debuting at the end of 2020. The chip will have a price set for the medium and high-end market, making it available on budget-friendly phones or upper-mid priced smartphones from Samsung or mobile operators like Vivo.

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The South Korean phone company has their eyes on another processor too, the Exynos 2100, for a Samsung device. Revelation is that the next Exynos processor banner Exynos 2100 is to land on the Galaxy S21. The Galaxy S21 Plusworkson Android 11 and the motherboard is listed as “exynos2100”

Dr. Xueabo talks about Antutu. He vocalizes the AnTuTu specifications of the current Exynos 1080 chipset in the interview. Mentioning the device scores over 650,000 counts in the AnTuTu bar, making it higher than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 865+ scores.

The Exynos 1080 chip bets are for the Chinese operating. The Vivo X60 to be the first technical device having the chip. The chip is one of a kind beating every best chip present


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