Samsung Galaxy S21 under went to 3C certification – Full Specidication

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Samsung!  The South Korean company that is well known for its innovations and discoveries in the field of Technology and Electronics, Is all set to launch its new Mobile Phone in Galaxy Series. We all would have been a fan of Samsung once in a lifetime for sure as the products of the company are tremendous to use. Let’s have a look at what does Samsung has in its bag to offer us.

Samsung Galaxy S21

All the premium smartphones the company had planned to release this year have been inaugurated by Samsung. The South Korean giant is now focusing heavily on its S-series flagship device of the next generation, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. The Galaxy S21 lineup has been in the news prior to the launch and we expect to get far more information about Samsung’s forthcoming flagship smartphone with the launch just a few months away.
The Galaxy S21 has passed through the 3C certification process as the company is gearing up to launch the smartphone. The device is marked with the model number SM-G9910 and a 25W charger is included in the box.

The 3C certification discloses that Samsung (China) Investment was the applicant for the smartphone, while Samsung Electronics is the manufacturer. The device was manufactured at the THAI NGUYEN production facility of Samsung Electronics Vietnam.

It is also reported that the phone packs a 3880mAh battery which will be referred to as 4000mAh. Also, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is the first smartphone powered by the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon375 chipset to pass through this certification process.

What is 3C Certification?

It is as same as the quality certification.3c, China Compulsory Product Certification, China Compulsory Certification English Name, CCC initials. 3C The Chinese Government, certified under the full name of ‘China Compulsory Product Certification,’ is responsible for protecting the personal safety of consumers and national security, strengthening the management of product quality, in accordance with the laws and regulations implementing the product conformity assessment system!



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