Samsung Galaxy S20 got Negative Feedback – Touchscreen Issue

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Samsung’s new Samsung Galaxy S20 FE users are facing touchscreen issues with the device. This gadget gives users value for money. It is considered as the best mobile phone under budget. Like we can say that something which has many flagship features but for a non-flagship price. If Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is compared with its rivalries, we can conclude it is best in the context of the price range. As the features and price go hand in hand. But the users are complaining about the touchscreen issues. There are various complaints regarding the accuracy of the touchscreen all over the internet. This seems that it is not considered a flawless gadget.

Samsung Galaxy S20

The issue about the gadget

However, there is a shock that such a mobile phone is facing touchscreen issues. This seems to be extremely annoying for the user of the touchscreen mobile phones. This is a beautiful 6.5 inches Super AMOLED display. Its display sometimes becomes unresponsive or sometimes it has edgy scrolling animations. Also, the touch responsiveness is sometimes becoming erratic. But it takes some time for the problem to become visible because it often fixes itself at random. It is easy to mistake it for a palm rejection glitch. But now the users are complaining that they have to reboot the device so that it regains its proper touch screen mode again. However, there are some users who are not facing such a glitch in smartphones. This might be some hardware problem in some of the batches.

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Temporary fix

The consumers are currently complaining about the gadget on Reddit and Samsung Community Forums. But there is no surety about the fixation of the issue. Till now there is no update regarding the fixation of the issue. Ans also no information that it can be fixed in the future. Also, there is no such information about the issue that could be resolved through a future firmware update. But when it comes to such a touchscreen problem with these remarkable devices of Samsung. Where Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is considered a remarkable device we are in shock. This phone is nearly perfect for its price and specifications. It has a 120Hz display at this price point. It is for sure very difficult for the users to find a gadget at this price and with such extraordinary specifications. But we hope that issue could be solved soon.


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