Roidmi Mojietu T1 Anti-UV Sunglasses

Roidmi Mojietu T1 Anti-UV Sunglasses arrived at Indiegogo, Know Key features

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Roidmi which is having the ecological chain up with Xiaomi has introduced the amazing Mojietu T1. The brand new sunglasses are having Anti-UV protection. Eventually, the new sunglasses console is arriving at Indiegogo. However, it is just two months ago when the Mojietu Portable tire inflator launched on IndieGoGo under crowdfunding by Roidmi. Here are all the key features and details about the sunglasses.

Roidmi Mojietu T1 Anti-UV Sunglasses
Roidmi Mojietu T1 Anti-UV Sunglasses

Mojietu T1 Anti-UV Sunglasses

The brand new Mojietu T1 launched by Roidmi is the first polarized anti-ultraviolet sunglasses along with the integrated lens design. The integrated lens pattern is pretty helpful for the protection of the eyes from strong glare. Mojietu T1 Sunglasses have been designed with high-quality UV protection accompanied by featuring waterproof protection. Providing Anti-Uv protection, the sunglasses seem so comfortable to wear throughout the day to the wearer.

Mojietu T1 Anti-UV Sunglasses features

The newest console Mojietu T1 Anti-UV Sunglasses added to the chain of the glass wears, possess amazing features making it comfortable.

  • The German TAC night photochromic lens featured with the yellow lens is integrated to physically increase the brightness and color clarity of the visual.
  • The color rises deep up and also falls light down.
  • The photochromic lens is useful for improving the visual contrast along with the eye resolution of humans.
  • The contrast and eye-resolution feature aids to offer a more accurate vision to the wearer.
  • The polarization rate of the sunglass is approximately 99%.
  • The partial polarization power of the lens can effectively reduce the dazzling light of the visual.
  • The latest Mojietu T1 Sunglasses are capable to sense ultraviolet rays and automatically adjust them.
  • The Anti-UV sunglasses provide UV protection to the wearer.
  • The shade of the lens color is changeable with respect to the intensity of sunlight.
  • The Sunglasses are so comfortable to wear.

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Sunglasses arrived at Indiegogo

Previously, Roidmi launched its Mojietu Portable tire inflator at Indiegogo. Succeeding the previous console, Roidmi has launched its new Sunglasses at Indiegogo. The Brand new feature of sunglasses, Anti-UV protection is the most key feature of it. Sensing the UV rays, sunglasses immediately adjust the visual features and becomes darker when the ultraviolet light is higher during the sun, providing UV protection.


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