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Rocket League update – PS4 and Xbox patch notes rolled out before Haunted Halloween event

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Rocket League patch notes have been released for October 2020. This new launch can be downloaded in the present day. However, this year there is something new for the people. The occasion will be completely different. It will function the Ghostbusters and all of the cosmetics that you would count in PlayStation 4, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Change. Same as the earlier Llama Rama, finishing every problem will unlock a selected Haunted Hallows themed merchandise. Thus it will embrace the issues like the Ghostbusters Wheels, Slimer Topper, Temper Slime Increase, along your entire Ghostbusters set. The Rocket League Haunted Hallows additionally contains two Restricted Time Modes. These time modes are Haunted Heatseeker and Spike Rush.

Rocket League new Patch 1.85 and series 1 blueprints

This time the Rocket League will also bring improvements to the game. This improvement will be in the form of updated bot behavior and tournaments. This time when players leave, bots replace them until a new player joins. Also this time these bots can use boosts as normal. It also brings a new feature. In the new feature when a teammate votes to leave the button turns to red. This button is also unavailable to players until reaching the post-match screen. This will help the players to remain in the tournaments long enough to receive their rewards.

Rocket League Series 1 Blueprints

This update has introduced balance changes along with the various other new sites of the items. This Series 1 Blueprints for the League is the collection of skin and it is ready to try out. It includes items such as decals, wheels, and more. This new pack also drops blueprints for players to earn something. Later at the end of the match, the players can get a chance in which they can earn these limited-time blueprints. But this earn will be through random drops.

Rocket League Synopsis

Haunted Heatseeker is Heatseeker within the spooky new Haunted City Area. Whereas Spike Rush will happen on evening map variants. Players can also discover the gadgets from Ghostbusters and former Haunted Hallows occassions like Keep Puft and Reaper Aim Explosions. Also the long-lasting Ecto-1. This will surely bring entertainment to gamers.


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